Foul, Loathsome, Evil Little Cockroach
I'm Marissa.
I have some pretty crazy irrational fears.
My favorite number and color go together.
I enjoy being a dork.
You really don't want to know what goes on inside my head.
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Have to get my sketch book and my My Little Pony watch. If you’re wondering, I can’t wear adult watches unless I get links removed or put it through the last hole and even then it slides off. Kid watches are just easier. But ugh, today i will be exhausted and same with tomorrow but hey, I haven’t worked a 40 hour week since Christmas. So I’m kind of glad they added another truck (since they couldn’t fit everything onto our normal truck).

Just worked an eight hour shift.

Tomorrow we added another truck so I said I’d come in. Then we have our standard Friday truck. I’ll be working six days in a row but it’ll be a nice check going towards my vacation in October.

My hips are killing me. Oh well, tomorrow I get to go to the Toledo Zoo.

I wonder how I survived high school…

When my friends would tell me they could see me becoming a serial killer. Or you know, that I could be Carrie Underwood in the Before He Cheats music video.

Last night, I was playing Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes as Yukimura. I was on the last battle against Ieyasu.I had Masamune down to 1/4 of his health when the power went out. All that was left was Masamune being barely alive and Ieyasu would’ve been the only one left. So today, shortly I think, I have to replay that wonderful stage and I hope I do not die.

Life is the biggest joke on the face of the earth. What a damn sad stupid hurtful joke. Don’t wake me up -ever.

I can’t wait until Austin comes home tomorrow. I changed our plans and I know he won’t mind. But for now, it’s time for work and then unfortunately the gym.

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Pink eye sucks.

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There are 7 Harry Potter books (x)

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You and I , we’re just meant to be .

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I did not like that dream. I did not like that dream. I did not like that dream.