Foul, Loathsome, Evil Little Cockroach
I'm Marissa.
I have some pretty crazy irrational fears.
My favorite number and color go together.
I enjoy being a dork.
You really don't want to know what goes on inside my head.
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pain sucks

The Journey.

Well, cleaning is at a halt.

I slipped on the tile in the kitchen and my back is killing me…along with my elbow and head. So here’s to some games or a movie to accommodate the pain.

Today is a cleaning/reorganization day.

And then later, I’ll play some games and pass out before my extra shift tomorrow. Plus, I’ve got to send in my Amazon order. Hooray to working 30+ hours the last 3/4 weeks when I’m normally/used to getting 16-20.

I need to clean but I really want to play Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires.

Not to hard to figure out which one will win.

I miss playing video games but we’ve been slammed at work, I’ve been picking up shifts, and when I come home most of the time I have to babysit the dog so he goes outside instead of going in the house. I shouldn’t complain, the dog’s 13 but every time he moves I get worried he’s going to fall.

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I’m tired of being sick. I need a day of rest. Only two more days left until I can do so.


How Marvel Characters Eat Their Food [x]


I snorted at the Silver Surfer.

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ouran text posts pt 2, tamakyo edition.